Kai Kieschnick
CEO & Founder


For as long as I remember, video games have always been a big part of my life and identity. As a teen with nothing but a small booklet, a crudely designed engine from Conitec and MDL as a model editor I was trying out my first steps with 3D and video gaming. With that skillset I got a job as a graphic designer for the little company "Stone Hill", which is working for Astragon on various games. But the impact I tried to make in the company was too small, and I soon left after a while working there. Since then, I've stuck to the indie-scene, working over the years on small passion projects for myself (some which may never see the light of the day). Now I believe I'm ready to take a big leap forward and present to you all the first real game I've developed. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes open. You don't want to miss this!